In today's booming marketplace, good talent is hard to come by and that's where we come in to help.  We are in touch with top executives on a daily basis and have a real pulse on the market place.  We are here to serve as consultative partners for your hiring needs.  Every search is different, every one unique, we aim to cater to the needs of our clients across the board to create a very personal and customer service oriented experience.  We will be there when you need us and not when you don't!  We take extreme pride in our work and below you will find a brief overview of just a few of our capabilities that we know you will find useful in your next search.

When you are faced with filling a position, whether new or existing there are many ways in which we can be of service.  For instance, if you have a replacement search, confidentiality is of the upmost importance for your organization - how do you find the right candidate, when you can't talk about it?  MVP Executives is sensitive to this need for confidentiality and we can disguise the organization in our recruiting processes to ensure that the word does not get out.  


Alternately, perhaps it's a new position.  What salary levels does the market support by position?  What is the talent pool like in that particular market and that position?  Where will the best suited candidates come from?  These are questions that are asked often and we have the answers.

There are many great benefits that can be derived from taking advantage of either our engaged or retained search programs.  We do offer contingency services on occasion, however these are considered on a case by case basis.  

In a retained search our specialized services include: Primary access to candidates, meaning a candidate presented to you will not be presented to any other client unless you have given us notice that they are no longer of interest to your company.  Our focus on providing you with fast and exceptional results that are set on a predetermined time schedule that is mutually agreed upon at the time of initialization.  Communication access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Considerable focus will be placed on getting to know the client organization, position responsibilities and matching culture which will include an in person visit to the corporate offices of the client.  We will also limit our other activities to ensure that your search receives priority, professional focus and diligent attention.  We will personally interview each candidate prior to presenting them to you whenever and wherever possible and provide you with a short list of the top executives for consideration.  Searches performed in this manner are also eligible for a longer guarantee period and have the added benefit of commanding more attention from high level hard to get candidates.  Perfect for that urgent or senior executive vacancy that requires in-depth research and qualifications.  Our goal is to have every retained search completed within 90 days.

An engagement search is rather like a combination of the retained program and a contingency program.  The agreement is for an exclusive search that retains several of the benefits listed above, though not all, and can at times warrant a reduced fee schedule.  This can serve as a valuable program for more mid-level management vacancies.

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