At MVP Executives, we know the value of keeping the search for your next position confidential.  We also realize it may not be something you are actively seeking, but perhaps you are open to the right opportunity should it present itself.  That's what we are here for...  We listen to your goals, your objectives for your career, your preferences and then when we see/hear about it - you are the first to know.  Most of the best and most attractive positions are not listed online and besides, who has the time for that?  Put us to work for you.

Are you well compensated or under paid?  Are your skills being supported and expanded or are you under utilized or under valued in your current role?  Let's talk.  We have a pulse on the hiring market and can provide you with crucial insight that may help you evaluate your current situation.

Studies have shown that those who have been placed in their companies by professional recruiters are generally more appreciated, receive higher compensation than if they had contacted the company directly and receive more frequent raises!


Because we are paid a fee only by the company and are known to present excellent candidates, when we present you to one of our clients, they listen.  If you present yourself, chances are you could end up in a black hole of resumes with no chance of being found among all of those unqualified candidates.  If you are considered to be the best and most valuable player on your team, then you are better off being represented by MVP Executives.

As a bonus, we will take the time to assist you in the formatting, content and overall appearance of your resume ensuring your key skill sets are highlighted.  We will give you personal and interview technique coaching in order to assist you in preparing for an interview with one of our clients.  We will also assist in any negotiations that may arise at the time of the offer.

Send us your resume today so that we can begin keeping an eye out for your ideal opportunity, or take a look at the opportunities we are currently working on!  

Current Opportunities 

We want our candidates to always put their best foot forward, whether it is with us or searching on their own.  Take a look at some of favorite articles and resources here!